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The Brazil football team has their name against five Soccer Worldcup tournaments, after being the only team to have taken part in all 19 games. It's no surprise then that they are tipped as the favorites to win the South Africa Worldcup 2010.

Brazil hosted the 1950 Soccer Worldcup, which finished in disappointment as they were beaten in the finals by Uruguay. As evidence of their disappointment, the Brazilian soccer team has never worn white soccer shirts since that year. In 1958 in Sweden, they were the initial team to win the Soccer Worldcup in a different continent.
The Brazilian soccer team's peak performance was at the 1970 Mexico World Cup where they welcomed their third Soccer Worldcup championship. But unfortunately, this glory was not to be continued again until the 1994 USA World Cup.

At the 1998 France Soccer Worldcup, they were once again listed as the favorites; but this was not to be so, with the infamous Ronaldo story at the front of everyone's mind. But in 2002, after Ronaldo was cleared, all was forgotten at the Korea / Japan Soccer Worldcup and once again the Brazil football team rose to the test and won the championship.

The Brazilian soccer team is solid and has a depth of talent. Together with Spain, they are once more ranked as the South Africa Worldcup 2010 favorites, to clench the Jules Rimet Trophy.

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It's genuinely tough to pick a handful of players amongst the Brazilian soccer team which is rich with ability. However for the duration of the Brazil soccer 2009 spell, a few legends were obvious. First, the exceptional goalkeeper Julio Cesar, who has played in 18 Soccer Worldcup showcases. His safe hands continue to be an important facet of the team's success. Kaka has grown to be a supply of inspiration for the Brazilian soccer team after his fantastic performance throughout the Brazil soccer 2009 season which led to his admirable claim of the Adidas Golden Ball. And of course Luis Fabiano's world class act with five goals including a priceless brace in their victory over the USA, totaling 9 Soccer Worldcup goals to his name.

Brazil's Leadership

Born October 31, 1963 in Iju